Trading Standards Week Day 1: Tips on tackling doorstep crime

Preventing doorstep crime and supporting vulnerable people who have been the victim of rogue traders is a key priority of Warwickshire Trading Standards.

In the past 20 months Trading Standards Officers has received over 150 reports of doorstep crime, carried out 17 ‘Rapid Responses’, recovered thousands of pounds for victims and prosecuted a number of rogue traders, leading to sentences totalling more than five years imprisonment.

Trading Standards Officers employ a wide range of enforcement and awareness activities to tackle rogue traders, including: taking immediate action to tackle rogue traders on a victim’s doorstep (rapid response); supporting rogue trader victims with help and advice; setting up No Rogue Trader Zones in conjunction with local communities; removing rogue trader roadside advertisements; training the staff of councils, charities and businesses to spot rogue trader victims and know how to refer them to Trading Standards and raise awareness of how rogue traders operate and how residents and businesses can protect themselves.

Rogue traders can have a devastating impact on the lives of their victims, causing enormous emotional distress and often massive financial detriment.

Warwickshire Trading Standards gives doorstep crime a very high priority and forms part of the statutory duty under the Care Act 2014.


Top tips

Rogue traders often operate door to door but also advertise on the roadside and with the use of flyers. Keep your door closed’

Never agree to buy goods or services from people who unexpectedly knock on your door. Keep your door closed.’

Rogue traders offer a range of ‘work’ including gardening, roof tiling, driveway repairs and guttering. Keep your door closed.’

Rogue traders quote low prices, but costs soon rise and they often find more work ‘that needs doing urgently’. Keep your door closed.’

Rogue traders like to appear local and genuine, but the addresses they use are usually false and their memberships of trade schemes bogus. Keep your door closed.’

Seek quotes from reputable local traders with verifiable names and address – visit their premises if necessary.’