Kids clothing that could strangle a young child found on sale in Warwickshire

Kids hoodies with banned neck cords that could strangle a young child have been seized from a stall at Wellesbourne Market by Warwickshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service.

Trading Standards Officers were carrying out a safety inspection at the market when they discovered the counterfeit hoodies, being sold as a set with joggers for £15. Officers were surprised to find these dangerous hoodies on sale as pull through neck cords in young children’s clothing have been banned since 1976.

Hood cords pose a serious strangulation risk to young children who can get them caught on slides and climbing frames. A hood cord once caught can tighten around the child’s neck leading to asphyxiation. According to the Child Accident Prevention Trust, asphyxia (which includes choking, strangling and suffocation) is the second most common cause of accidental child death in the UK, after road traffic accidents.

The hoodies were being sold in kids sizes for ages 3-6. It is illegal for any clothing designed for a child aged under 7 or 134cm in height to have a neck cord.

All the dangerous clothing was seized and investigations are continuing in to the origin of the products.

Warwickshire County Councillor Andy Crump, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety said: “In Warwickshire, hospital admissions following an injury among 0-4 year-olds are currently significantly higher than the national and regional averages.

“I’m delighted therefore that our Trading Standards Officers are taking this action to identify and remove dangerous products from shops, markets and from online sellers.”

Anyone who has purchased one of these products, which were displaying a range of fake designer brand labels, should not allow their children to wear them or remove the cord entirely before use.

Clothing Advice

  • It is illegal for any clothing designed for a child aged under 7 or 134cm in height to have a running cord or drawstring around the neck or head.
  • In clothing for older children aged 7-14 hood/neck cords must not have drawstrings with free ends.
  • Check your children’s clothing and don’t dress them in anything that could put their lives at risk.

 As it’s close to Christmas, Warwickshire Trading Standards has also issued some good advice on toy safety:

  1. Only buy toys that carry the CE Mark and the name and address of the manufacturer and whenever possible, buy from reputable retailers you know and trust.
  2. Check the toy before you give it to a child.
  3. Look for sharp points or edges
  4. Check for loose pile fabric/hair or small detachable parts that could choke a young child
  5. Children under three should never be allowed to play with toys which are marked as being unsuitable for them.
  6. Be particularly careful when buying second hand toys. These often come without their packaging or instructions.

For more information on child safety visit: and