Cabinet approves time banking and good gym schemes

Warwickshire County Council’s Cabinet has approved recommendations to implement both enhanced Timebanking and Good Gym proposals, funded from the Early Intervention, Prevention and Community Capacity Fund.

The two proposals aim to deliver a new approach that will manage the demand on a range of council services, including Adult Health and Social Care, Children and Families and Public Health.

The enhanced Timebanking project will be designed as a pilot to test and establish a new model of community-led support across Warwickshire. Timebanking is a means of exchange where time is the principal currency. The scheme will deliver a mechanism that will encourage and facilitate residents to support their local communities, banking time which can be withdrawn when they are in need.

The impact of the initial one year pilot scheme; which has £75,000 funding, will be monitored and provide the basis for decisions about future funding. Funding will be prioritised to areas of the county that do not already have similar schemes in operation.

The Good Gym scheme aims to help tackle growing obesity concerns as well as addressing issues affecting our ageing population, such as loneliness and social isolation.

Similar to the time-banking pilot, Good Gym recruits volunteers. They run to a person’s home or community venue, carry out the agreed task or simply drop in for a social call, and then run home again. The model has three main benefits:

  • it encourages people to be active: to run for pleasure, for a purpose, and to make a positive contribution to their community;
  • it taps into unused community capacity to increase local, non-service responses to low-level need; and
  • it provides social and practical support to more vulnerable residents, without the need for a public service solution.

Funding of £23,000 will be used to coordinate, vet, interview and support runners who want to help their local community.

Cllr Izzi Seccombe, Leader of Warwickshire County Council, said:

“The county council works hard to find new, innovative ways to keep the residents of Warwickshire healthy, supported and independent and these two schemes are designed to do just that.

These schemes support our vision for the Year of Wellbeing, by inspiring and empowering individuals to take action to support one another, be more physically active and improve their own overall wellbeing, as well as in others.”

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