Partnership working to tackle farm fires in Warwickshire!

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service are working in partnership with Warwickshire Police and the NFU to help farmers reduce the risk of having a fire which could potentially destroy their business. 

Farm fires can be devastating, resulting in the loss of machinery, stores of hay and straw, livestock and the destruction of buildings. In the last three years we have attended 278 fires on farms and smallholdings across Warwickshire. In a bid to tackle this, we have created a farm fire safety campaign to help us to reach farmers and raise awareness about the simple steps they can take to help keep their farm safe from fire.

Community Fire Prevention & Arson Manager, Moreno Francioso said:

“Farms are particularly vulnerable to arson due to their isolated location and open boundaries. Whilst arson attacks on farms and smallholdings may be difficult to eliminate, a number of simple precautions can help to reduce the risk of attack including:

  • Provide, repair or replace damaged fencing or gates
  • Install intruder sensors and security lighting
  • Maintain the security of out buildings

“By working together with Warwickshire Police, the NFU and the Rural Crime team, we are hoping to educate farmers through our prevention visits and our farm fire safety booklets, which encourages farmers to undertake their own risk assessment and identify areas where they may need our advice or assistance.”

Rural Crime Officer for Warwickshire Police, Carol Cotterill said: “While there is always the possibility of a fire in agricultural premises or on farmland, there are some simple steps that farmers can take to both reduce their risk and also aid emergency services should a fire break out. I’d urge farmers to have a look at the farm fire safety booklet and use the tick box exercise to assess how safe your farm is from arson. If you are unsure on any areas speak to your local fire officer who will be happy to help.

“Reducing arson on agricultural properties remains a priority for both Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service and Warwickshire Police and it is hoped that by working together we can stamp out arson.”

For more information view our Farm Fire Safety booklet here.