NWBC launch ‘We’ll sort it’ recycling campaign to ditch bin inserts saving time and money

North Warwickshire Borough Councillors voted in favour of a new recycling campaign for the Borough which will see all residents’ recycling placed in one bin.

The current bin inserts which are used to separate paper and cardboard from plastics and glass have proved to be cumbersome and time consuming for the waste teams to empty and are also costly. The council currently replaces around 2,500 per year at an annual cost of more than £11,000.

Improvements to the way waste is sorted at the recycling facilities used by the Council means that paper & card can be recycled just as effectively without being separated ahead of collection. The new method of placing all recycling together in one bin makes recycling easier and more convenient for our residents which should help raise recycling rates across the borough. The changes will also make collections more efficient, saving money and reducing the impact on the local environment.

Cllr Margaret Bell, Chair of the Community and Environment Board said;

“It makes sense for the council to make this small but important change to the current recycling service which I have no doubt will have a big impact on savings. Removing the bin insert will allow the crews to carry out their collections more swiftly and hopefully make things easier for our residents to recycle at home, we all know time is precious and if we can make these small to help things happen
quicker then it’s a positive all round.”

The new service will come into effect from 1 November 2019. The council will be communicating to residents via a variety of methods to ensure everyone is prepared for the change in the autumn.