New Careers Strategy for Warwickshire

Warwickshire residents are to benefit from a new Careers Strategy which addresses the needs of anyone wanting to enter the world of work, change jobs, or re-train.

After a public consultation which took place over the summer, Warwickshire County Council has approved the Careers Strategy which is flexible, adaptable and forward-looking as it promotes the key transferable skills and competencies that are being increasingly recognised as the foundation for future employment. It is also inclusive and reflects the County Council’s commitment to ensuring that all residents, whatever their age, or abilities, are supported in fulfilling their potential.

One of the strategy’s key benefits is holding a wide range of supporting information and advice in one place. New web pages on the County Council’s website are currently being developed which will contain all the information needed for anyone wishing to find out how they can progress. Whether they are a young person; a parent; an adult looking to retrain; a care leaver; or a business planning to recruit or develop its existing workforce – they will be directed to the relevant information and support available. The new Careers Strategy web pages are due to go live in October.

Cllr Colin Hayfield, County Council Portfolio Holder for Education and Learning, says:

“Effective careers and employability advice and support are critical components of a successful local economy. They can help people gain the skills needed by local employers, and also facilitate social mobility by raising aspirations and highlighting career pathways individuals may not have thought of.

“We are fortunate to live in a county with a strong economy and high levels of employment, but this will only be maintained if we continue to help our residents, whatever their age, or stage of life, make the most of their potential in the world of work.

“The new Careers Strategy focuses on supporting our young people as they prepare for employment, but it also recognises that we have an adult population who may want to re-enter the workplace, change careers, or progress at work during their working life. We are placing a significant focus on supporting our more vulnerable residents, such as those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to move into employment. We also give special consideration to residents with mental health needs and the resources available to support them in the workplace.”

“This careers strategy is the result of a great deal of consultation and advice from a wide range of partners and stakeholders in business and education, as well as feedback from residents who responded to the public consultation. I would like to thank all of them for their input because it is has helped us shape a strategy that fits Warwickshire’s needs now, and into the future.”

The County Council’s new Careers Strategy has five key priorities:

  • Raising the awareness of the range of career and employment opportunities locally, inspiring residents of all ages to develop their education and skills as far as possible
  • Building the capacity of our education providers to deliver effective and sustainable Careers support and advice
  • Providing targeted support and help to our most vulnerable learners
  • Improving alignment of demand and supply of skills, now and in the future
  • Encouraging and enabling businesses to recruit from a richer and wider talent pool.

The revised Careers Strategy is based on the principles set out in the Government’s National Careers Strategy of December 2017 which highlights the merits of timely careers and employability support in terms of sustainable employment and higher lifetime earning.