Stop smoking in pregnancy team

The Warwickshire stop smoking in pregnancy team consists of specialist stop smoking in pregnancy advisors and a co-ordinator who support pregnant women who want to give up smoking and reduce the risks of harm to their baby.

The team are able to supply free Nicotine Replacement Therapy to help women quit. They also offer lots of regular appointments in the first few month of quitting helping women to achieve their goal of becoming totally smoke free.

A typical first appointment can take between 1 and 2 hours. The stop smoking in pregnancy team can also support partners and other family members who live in the home to go smoke free, so it can be a busy first appointment. At every appointment the team will use a specialist piece of equipment called a Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitor. This enables them to show women how much poisonous CO is in their blood stream and how that is affecting the baby. This can be a very difficult moment in the session as women will often feel upset and guilty about the harm they are causing. The team are very sensitive to this and explain that they can make a big difference by giving up smoking.

The good news is CO comes out of your bloodstream in less than 24 hours!

Quitting smoking is the best thing anyone can do to reduce the risk to their baby and the team’s friendly supportive approach can help pregnant smokers overcome their fears about quitting and successfully go smoke free

What the stop smoking in pregnancy team have achieved this year:

  • 144 successful 4 week quit attempts supporting pre-conception, pregnant, post-natal women and some family members & partners to quit smoking
  • Supported Health Visitor and Midwifery colleagues with training on how to raise the issue of smoking and refer to our service

A service user spoke about her experience and said:

“I met my specialist stop smoking in pregnancy advisor when I was 10 weeks pregnant. She made me feel at ease and not like a terrible person for smoking, which I did because although I knew I shouldn’t be doing it, I just couldn’t help it… a coping mechanism for losing my daughter last year. She gave me a form to get the inhaler ….I found it quite easy to just not pick up another cigarette and haven’t done so since. I can’t thank her enough for all her care and support over the past 7 months and wish her all the best. Mummy and Milo now live in a smoke free household and I’m proud as punch to be able to say that.”

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