Warwickshire County Council Cabinet approves new process to assess support for parents of children with a disability

WCC Cabinet has approved recommendations to implement a new approach to assess the support needs of parents and carers of children with a disability.

The recommendations, which were developed with feedback from public consultation from January to February 2020, put forward a more flexible process for families seeking support to look after their child. The agreed recommendations include:

· Changing name from Parent Carer Assessment to Parent Carer Support Pathway.

· Introduction of a wellbeing conversation to replace the current assessment paperwork which will focus on a person-centred approach that identifies the parent carers needs and the areas for support.

· Simplifying the process to reduce steps from enquiry to outcome.

· Support to be provided from a financial award to a tiered outcome of signposting, one-off payments, social care assessment.

· That the pathway can be accessed numerous times without limitations

· Promotion of the pathway on Warwickshire County Council website so people can access this

Councillor Jeff Morgan, Portfolio Holder for Children and Families said: from Warwickshire County Council said: “The approval of the Parent Carer Support Pathway means that parents and carers can now look to a more holistic approach to help them meet their needs.

“Additional elements beyond financial aid can now be factored into the new streamlined five-step process including help from specialist support groups to offer respite and emergency care provision through to medical advice and activities.”

Around 200 plus parents use this service and it is hoped the changes made will make the process a lot easier and the solutions it will offer more long-lasting. The introduction of a dedicated webpage will mean parents can complete an application form online and follow its progress throughout the process.