Fire and rescue incidents: 24/8

Small Fire, Trinity Road, Piccadilly, Coleshill

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service were called to attend a small fire in Coleshill at 14.48pm. The fire involved a small amount of smouldering wood. The fire was quickly extinguished using one jet and a hose reel.

Road Traffic Collision, Packwood Lane, Lapworth

Firefighters from Henley were called to a road traffic collision at 11.54am. On arrival crews found two people trapped in a motor vehicle. Firefighters worked with the ambulance service to free the casualties using specialist cutting equipment. Scene safety was implemented.

Road traffic collision, Hockley Heath to Longbridge, M40

Firefighters attended a road traffic collision at 10.30am between junction 15 and 16 on the M40.  The incident involved one van which has gone off the roadway into a ditch. Two people were medically trapped. Specialist cutting equipment was used to free the casualties who were transported to hospital via land and air ambulance. Scene safety was implemented.