Building fire, Wolvey

Warwickshire Fire service received a call to a building fire in Wolvey at 8:30pm and mobilised two crews from Nuneaton due to the nature of the incident a third appliance was mobilised by Service Control  this was a crew from Bedworth.

Whilst on route the Officer in Charge requested the attendance of a water bowser due to concerns regarding water supplies in the area, this was mobilised from Coleshill.  At 8:50 an informative was received indicating fire involved a single storey building approx 15m x 30m well alight, building contained chemicals, sealants and machinery, two light portable pumps and aerial platform was in use, crews were protecting surround area’s.

At 8:59pm an assistance message was received requesting a further two appliances two crews from Rugby was mobilised. A message was received at 9:17pm indicating that a chemical was involved at the incident. An assistance was received at 9:38pm requesting a  further three appliances a crew was mobilised from Leamington Atherstone and Hinckley. A further request was made for the RTC unit from Coleshill to be mobilised for lighting. A request was made at 9:54pm for the Environmental Protection Unit from Alcester.

Further informative was received at 10:09pm indicating that the fire had spread to an office building adjacent to the building originally involved in fire, efforts were being made to extinguish the fire using open water, two light portable pumps and aerial appliance, jets and hydrants in use. For the purposes of firefighting Chemet (weather bureau) was contacted for wind direction and wind speed. Crews are likely to be detained for some considerable time.